Research & Development Divisions Cost Reduction Examples

  • CASE1Automobile part
procurement Procurement of new overseas and domestic parts,and used parts
  • CASE2 Procurement of special
fuels for automobiles Procurement of various fossil fuels from countries around the world
  • CASE3 Testing and
analyses Proposals for optimum analyzing organizations and analyzing method
  • CASE4 Market research Support for market research from a variety of perspectives

Manufacturing Divisions Cost Reduction Examples

  • CASE1 Reduced waste oil
and waste solution
  • CASE2 Recovery of oil
floating on water soluble processing fluid
  • CASE3 Recovery of oil
floating from water solution cleaning fluid
  • CASE4 Extended life and recycling of
hydraulic operating oil and lubricating oil

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  • Manufacturing and Sales Divisions
  • Automobile and machine related parts
  • Testing and analyses
  • Sales of environment-related systems and products
  • Sales of general equipment for research
  • Maintenance
  • Petroleum-product sales
  • Sales and storage of hazardous substances
  • Office furniture sales
  • Automobile Business Division
  • Commercial car inspections Techs Otsuka